Welcome to TCRA Events

We want to work to make your event a success. We have the experience & resources to help you realise your dreams.

Experienced Staff

We have many years of experience in the IT & AV industry, with access to a wide network of professionals.

Varied Portfolio

We have organised many events from large multi-venue conferences to equipment hire for small venues. We give care & attention to any project, regardless of the size.

Flexible and Knowledgable

Event Management

We have many years of combined knowledge in the AV, IT and Event Managemt sectors and we are able to co-ordinate and manage events of any size.

Great Value & Flexible.


Choose if you manage the event yourself, following our advice. Or, allow us to manage everything for you.

Caring & Dependable.


We apply the same level of care and attention to all our clients and events.

Our Work