Coaching and a whole lot more
Coaching is nothing more and nothing less than a conversation where we can explore either an issue at work, what other people think of you, how you might develop a new career or any one of a number of different things. I provide 1:1 coaching either in person or over Skype.

Below you will find some examples of things that people use coaching to achieve. The list is not exhaustive, but it might give you some ideas.

Common themes for coaching
Here are some common things that people bring to coaching, along with some more details on how we might explore those issues.
  • Learning a new skill - We work to recognise barriers to learning and check we are identifying the right skills
  • Solving an issues - We explore the issue, why it might exist and how best to solve it
  • Making a decision - We explore what may be stopping a breakthrough being made, and why the decision may be hard
  • Recognise and change a behaviour - We explore how you may be percieved and how you precieve yourself as well as strategies to accept change
  • Become a more effective leader - We will explore what it means for you to be a leader, as well as what effectiveness means.
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