Ever thought - There must be more than this?

Sometimes, when we step back and take the time to reflect, we wonder if we are doing the right things. Are we living a balanced life? Are we making a contribution to the world? Are we fulfilling our potential?

Here you will find resources that could help. Or could start the journey to somethin new...

Why choose Us?

Why work with me?Good question - be cautious.

I am passionate about uncovering and releasing your true potential, but my backgroung and approach will not be for everyone. On this site you will find more about me, my background and my thoughts on the world. I am always happy to talk further and see if we can work together.

Why choose Us?

Why Coaching?.Good question - there are other paths.

Coaching is just one approach that you can explore to resolve issues or realise potential. I can help with mentoring or to connect you to other helpful approaches.

Why choose Us?

Show me more.Sure - let's talk.

Nothing beats a chat, either over a coffee or on the phone. Use the contact section of this website to get in touch and I can work with you to determine the best way I can help you.

"When you catch a glimse of your potential, that's when passion is born."

Zig Ziglar
My Values
I believe in fairness, transparency and in the unique potential of each and every person. I believe if you can discover a path in life that closley matches your natural skills and personality that you were created with, then you will find increased happiness. I am positive about potential. In the end... Love Wins.
My Experience
I have worked across Training, Engineering, IT and Leadership and Management and have seen many different people and situations. I have been a mentor and mentee, coach and coachee, trainer and trainee. I have seen busines and personal success, and business and personal faliure.
My Services
I can provide 1:1 coaching, either face to face or by phone or Skype. I can cover a wide range of coaching outcomes which are described in more detail on this site. I can also provice mentoring and consultancy on IT related projects, services and organisations.
How to get in touch
The first step is to use the contact form on this site to say hi. Then we can arrange to chat and see where it leads.

Be Inspired

Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better

Bill Bradley

With great power comes great responsibility

Uncle Ben

Every being has flaws; the potential is always there to connect to the light or to darkness

Lindsey McKeon