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You can donate via PayPal. Just click here and use our email address, info [at] (replacing the [at] with a @), as the recipient’s email address.

You can send your donation by post to:
140 Coulston Road,
LA1 3AB.

Please enclose a donation form with your donation. If you’re a UK tax-payer, your donation can be gift-aided, please remember to fill in the bottom section on the form.
Donations can be made in form of one off contributions or as a standing order on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Giving in a planned way by standing order is the best way to donate to 1Step2Step because it helps us budget and plan for the future. It’s also cheaper, because there are no credit-card transaction fees, and more efficient in terms of time and tax! It also helps you; giving by standing order allows you to budget and manage your giving. And, because it all happens automatically, there’s nothing to think about and no forms to sign or post each month.
All donations will be used in the work to support and develop the skills of the children with disabilities in the Thai orphanage. There may be occasions when donations are sought for specific resources or activities. Money raised will be specifically used, with surplus going to the general fund.

If you have any queries regarding donations please contact us on 01524 388199.

All your help is greatly received and will go to make a difference to the children we aim to serve. Thank you for your generosity.

What do we need funds for?

The Work in Thailand

Donate - CoinIn the first instance the project’s needs are for funds to have people on the ground in Thailand. This is our priority as the work here is why 1step2step came into existance.  Our vision is that in the future we will be able to increase the number of people working with the children in Thailand so we can work with more children.  Monthly giving helps to meet our regular commitments. There will also be one off needs for items like equipment and furniture. We hope to be able to afford to have a fund put aside for medical needs for the children and trips or treats for special occasions. If you would like to know about any of these as and when they are needed and about other great stuff happening please contact us and ask to be added to the newsletter email distribution list.

1Step2Step Projects

 1Step2Step have had the opportunity from time to time had the opportunity to take on individual projects which are funded through fundraising events and one off donations.  These have included sending large containers of equipment to Thailand for use in the local Orphanages and hosting Disability Awareness Tours where members of the Thai authorities have visited the UK to see the practices of how people with disabilities are cared for here,  We hope that there are further opportunities for these kind of projects in the future.


Donate1Step2Step has a UK committee of volunteers however, we do have some running costs e.g. insurance and other expenses.  These are only a small part of our costs but still rely on the generosity of our monthy contributions as a regular commitment.