Chris Dixon (.net)

Alright... a little more if you must

My Job

I'm an IT Manager at Lancaster University in the UK. 

A big hobby

I have a PPL(A) and fly light aircraft from Blackpool airport. It's expensive but I love it.

Other interests

Watches, Church, plying keyboards and being a Dad / Husband

born in morecambe... have a blue peter badge... used to be a choirboy...

Born in 1976 in Morecambe and stayed here ever since. Worked at Heysham 1 power statation and then Lancaster University as first an anaylst programmer and then the Head of Operations. Self-taught on piano and enjoys worship leading and music at St Thomas Church Lancaster. Thankfully not self-taught on the flying, which I started in 2012.



Welcome to my home on the net. Not much here, and that's probabbly because it's all somewhere else.

Have a look at my CV below, or use some of the other links around here to work out what it's all about.